Four ’90s Superheroes with Retro Roots

Paul Hair

Superhero movies may seem like they’re a peculiarity of the 21st century, but the 1990s alone featured an abundance of them.

Not only that, but that decade had at least four superhero movies that doubled as period pieces. So if you’re a fan of the genre, and intrigued by early to mid-20th century production design, check out the following films that combined both.


Warren Beatty portrays square-jawed Dick Tracy. Madonna co-stars as Breathless Mahoney. And a whole bunch of other familiar faces fill out the cast (Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, William Forsythe) in this 1990 adaptation of the classic comic strip.

Long before people talked about how “Sin City” made comic books come to life in black and white, “Dick Tracy” did the same in full-blown color.

At the same time, since the famous detective is famous for battling gangsters, the movie plays out like film noir. That includes its setting which appears to be in the 1930s (the same decade as when Chester Gould created the crime fighter).

It was one of (if not the) first comic book movies of the 1990s. And overall, it’s one of the more unique comic book adaptations of modern times. . . .

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