‘Flying Sparks’ Crowdfunding Campaign Funded; 1 Stretch Goal Unlocked

Paul Hair

Author Jon Del Arroz launched a crowdfunding campaign for his Flying Sparks comic book project about a week ago. He quickly hit his $6,000 fully funded goal. His project has now raised over $10,000, which has unlocked one stretch goal and puts a second stretch goal within reach. In an update he posted today, he posted two pieces of artwork by artist Jethro Morales, including the one excerpted at the top of this post.

The Loftus Party published “Jon Del Arroz’s Crowdfunding of ‘Flying Sparks’ off to a Soaring Start” on July 6. Things have gone even better for Del Arroz since then. He’s surpassed both his primary goal and first stretch goal thanks to over 250 backers. The unlocking of the first stretch goal means additional artwork. Here’s how he explains it in an update he posted today on his Indiegogo page.

Flying Sparks is three chapters (or issues if you prefer), each with a self-contained story that builds several points to an overarching story, just like the serialized comics we loved from the 60s-90s. The first stretch goal was to add “chapter covers” to the book, providing 3 extra pages of content.

The first two are by Jethro Morales. . . .

Chapter 3’s cover will be done by Will Caligan of Alpha Dog Studios as mentioned in the stretch goals section of the campaign. He’s currently working on designs for this. We hope to unveil it later this week.

There are still three more stretch goals waiting to be unlocked (with the next one of $12,370 being relatively close to being met). Check out the Indiegogo page to see what they are (and to see the two pieces of Morales artwork in full).

And if you’re interested in contributing to Del Arroz’s Flying Sparks campaign, there’s still 24 days left to do so.