Final ‘Rogue One’ Trailer Has Familiar Feel

Looks similar to other movies (Star Wars or otherwise).

Disney released its second and final full trailer for Rogue One. The latest Star Wars movie is set for release in December. Fans who don’t like it when trailers share too much detail about a film should be happy. At the same time, the trailer has a familiar feel to it—both to the previous trailers and other films in general.

There is new footage in the latest preview of Rogue One. Yet it also includes more footage of imperial forces raining down destruction on their enemies, more variations of imperial stormtroopers, and more rebels fighting against the greatest odds.

So if you’ve seen the previous Rogue One Trailers this one is not much different. And if you have seen any movie about a group of reluctant and unlikely outcasts fighting against the system and overwhelming foes, you get the feeling that you’ve already seen this movie.

Here is a further example of what I mean. Heroine Jyn Erso’s apparent father appears in the latest trailer. He first briefly speaks to a young Jyn and then the movie preview shows him encountering the character of Director Krennic in a grassy field. Jyn’s father appears soaked to the bone and Krennic has some black stormtroopers with him. Young Jyn watches from a hiding place and then the trailer cuts to older Jyn apparently awaking from dreaming about this bad memory.

Doesn’t that seem very familiar? Doesn’t that seem like a series of scenes you’ve seen many times in movies?

Then there are shots of an imprisoned Jyn, rebel forces freeing her from a holding cell or vehicle transporting her, a scene of a small vehicle moving across a vast desert landscape (which apparently is now a must for every Star Wars movie made), Jyn walking in front of the main weapons system of an X-wing (or other vehicle) in a dark hangar, and Mon Mothma in a dark briefing room.

And, as expected, there is the obligatory shot of Darth Vader walking through steam as well.

We also see the must-have shots of the women-led rebels looking worried, dirty, and diverse as they fight their good fight against imperial forces, led and composed of white men.

None of this reveals anything about what the final movie will be like, of course. And even if it’s familiar this final trailer should excite Star Wars fans and anyone else looking forward to this movie.

But if you’re not among those, this trailer for Rogue One won’t make you any more or any less excited to see the movie than any of the previous trailers have.


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