Everwild - Official Trailer [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Here's the description on YouTube: Travel across a mystical world and become one with nature in this new cinematic trailer from Everwild.

Okay. I'm just gonna lash out here. Is this a trailer for a made for Nickelodeon series? Maybe a The Last Airbender spin-off? What is this game even about? Gonna need a hint.

Am I wandering about the Spirit Forest saving animals by doing a nature dance? Is there danger? Or am I just an awesome person having adventures by clearing trees with my giant Care Bear bison? Is anyone trying to stop me? Like, oh, I don't know...a bad guy? Maybe I'm just gathering ingredients for my smoke pot that I swing around. What am I supposed to do? Gimme a clue!

Good luck with this one. Yikes.

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