Entertainers Who Don't Like the President. When Does It Go Too Far?

Michael Loftus

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Typical Monday morning. Sit down to write a column and check the news. Big shock, Dave Bautista jumped on Twitter the other day and let loose on his feelings about President Trump saying, "He's a disgrace to everything this country is." Damn! Pretty harsh there, Groot. (We know. We're calling him Groot cause it's funny.)

What a bummer. I like Dave Bautista. He seems like a good dude. I can honestly say I enjoyed his performances in everything I've seen him in. Haven't seen Stuber though. That's definitely one of those, "I'll wait for it to be on HBO" flicks. From the box office, it looks like America agrees. But I digress.

Bautista was a cool dude 48 hours ago and now there's new info: He hates Trump. I'm conflicted. Can you like someone's work even if they disagree with you politically? Can we still enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Groot's deadpan antics knowing he REALLY hates the President? I think so. Not gonna lie to you, though, it'll affect my viewing of those flicks now. It'll kind of taint it. In the back of my mind I'll be thinking about how Groot feels about politics. (I cannot stop calling him Groot. I'm honestly laughing every time I type it.)

So here's what I want to do with this little article. Let's make a list of actors, actresses, musicians and artists who really don't like President Trump, buy we still kinda like. Or not. (Feel free to add to the list.)

I want to be very clear: I AM NOT CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT. I just want to find out how many people were bummed out when they discovered someone who's work they dug started sounding off about politics. I should also mention that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's key. This is America dammit! LOL! You're allowed to get lippy. Just don't go full Jane Fonda. That lady messed up. Bigly. Let's not even get into that mess know. Let's try to figure out if being outspoken politically is hurtful to your career and if so, how hurtful? And if it's not, why?

So let's begin. I'll start. Here's some "artists" who are vocal about politics and my knee-jerk opinion. This should be fun.

  • Alyssa Milano: Never really watched Who's the Boss? or Charmed so she seems way more of a political activist than an actress at this point. Does she still act? She seems conflicted. Pick a lane. However, if I have the flu and the remote is out of reach and she pops up on a show I like? I'm not turning the channel. I'm like: Meh, whatever.
  • Cher: I always think of Cher as being kinda wacky and fun. Very sexy too. Whenever Cher flips out on Twitter I sort of get worried about her. Is Cher okay? Why is the wacky, fun lady so upset? HA! She get's a pass. I really don't consider her political at all. I'm always waiting for a punchline, expecting zaniness.
  • Seth Rogen: Dude. Lighten up. You're a really funny guy. It was shocking when Seth got political but it kinda makes sense when you think about it. It fits his persona. Stoner dude who doesn't like "The Man." Seth gets a pass too. Superbad was just so damn funny. That alone gets him off the hook. (But don't be rude. When he refused to shake hands with a politician? That seemed waaaaay over the top. You can have your opinion, but Paul Ryan isn't Joe Stalin. Relax.)
  • George Takei: Bummer. I'm a big Star Trek fan. Was watching Wrath of Khan the other night with my kids and it really took me out of the movie. Didn't ruin it, just really bummed me out. I'll still dig Star Trek but it kinda messes with the legacy now. Weird, huh? (Scotty was a legit war hero too. Look it up. WW2. Hero.)
  • Bette Midler: Meh. She just seems mad at everything. Bette not liking President Trump makes zero difference. If she pops up on TV I was gonna change the channel anyway. HA!
  • Alec Baldwin: He used to make me laugh. 30 Rock was hilarious. His old SNL appearances were awesome. Then he kinda went too far. He's like Cher now. He SO actively despises President Trump that it has me worried about him. I don't wanna worry. I wanna laugh. Dude needs to take a break. Relax.
  • Robert DeNiro: Dude jacked up his legacy. It affects everything he does now and everything he's ever done. So much venom. Don't know if I can really enjoy anything of his anymore. I'll wait a couple years to watch Godfather 2 now. Don't want that to be tainted.
  • George Clooney: Clooney seems like he's always been political. He gets a pass. Think I could convince him to vote for Trump in 2020. For real. LOL. George is just misinformed.
  • Stephen King: Meh. Stephen has an amazing work ethic. Dude is prolific. But calm down, Stephen. Damn. We get it. You're turning into one of your own villains. Its creepy.
  • Sam Jackson: I refuse to believe this. Nope. In my mind, Sam Jackson is a libertarian. Nick Fury has a healthy distrust of big government.
  • Lady GaGa: Whatever. I dig her work ethic, but she's not my jam. Zero effect on my life. If you ever see me watching A Star Is Born I've been kidnapped. Call the authorities.
  • Shakira: WTF? Shakira? NOOOOOOOOO! Her hips don't lie! Meh. Makes zero difference. I honestly don't care.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: She needs to hang out with a different crowd now and again. Bet I could get her to vote for Trump in a week. HA! Me. Her. Desert island with some history books. No funny business. Just history books and maybe some Jordan Peterson videos.
  • Mark Ruffalo: Ruffalo seems like politician first and actor last. I like him as the Hulk. Even more when he IS the Hulk. Like Big Green Hulk. Ruffalo seems like he acts to pay for his political habit. Just be a politician already.

Most of the people on this list were never gonna get my money anyway. Actually, Ruffalo probably did. He for sure got a couple bucks off me for the Marvel movies. I'm cool with that. Same with Groot. I'll be giving him some more dough for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. What can you do? I love those movies. I'm hard-pressed to think of someone who would really keep me away from a movie or a concert.

What about you? Is there someone whose political opinion would keep you from being entertained? Let us know in the comment section below.

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