Don’t Listen to Whoopi: Send Noods, But Take Precautions


Let me start by pointing out that actress Bella Thorne is NOT to be blamed for the leaked nude photos of her online. This is an important point because it is quite obvious that Whoopi Goldberg’s blasting of Thorne’s photo sharing was clearly shaming Thorne and lacked the correct direction of blame-throwing. Thorne may have shared her nudies in a world with increasing cyber security risks, but the one who should be outted and punished should be the hacker/perpetrator.

This is 2019. So while security threats are around every corner on the cloud, we also should remember the amazing capabilities to nurture our relationships that this day in age affords us. We should take advantage. I have already written about the positive effects of sexting and sharing lewd photos with your significant other at The Federalist, and I stand by those words still. Whoopi is obviously not in-tune with the modern relationships people have, or how the constant communication benefits outweigh the negatives.

Now, let’s get to the security part. There are a couple rules I like to live by when I send my photos via phone or computer. The first, and most importantly, is that I try and refrain from getting my tattoo or my face in pictures that show off my assets. If for some reason some asshole gets a hold of my photos and attempts to use them to embarrass or harass me, it would be much more difficult to positively identify me as me. Of course, I’m not famous, so my tattoos and face probably aren’t all that identifiable except to my friends and family in the first place, but I digress.

Another rule I like to live by? Use encrypted applications. WhatsApp as well as Viber are both encrypted, and therefore harder to crack into. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be sending nudes on public WiFi or hotspots. Turn off auto-saving in the applications, too. Snapchat's auto-delete feature is pretty freaking sweet as well. And great googly-moogly you had better have a secured wireless network at home—not just for those spread-eagle photos of yours with the summer squash.

I hope these tips help, and allow you to accomplish more than just the tip. Happy sharing, ladies and gents.