Loftus Party

Ordinarily, the title of this piece could stand on its own as a statement of fact, seeing as how we've had quite a few presidents and executive branch members of government who fit this description well. This headline takes on new meaning with the recent invitation of Cocks not Glocks (yes, that's really their name - for more information) to an advocacy meeting with White House senior officials for a sit down about grassroots activism for gun control advocates.

Our tax dollars, hard at work.

Hey, I'm all about the 1st amendment. Here I am, 1st'ing all over the place. I personally advocate, and make a fool of myself, for things like suicide awareness and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There's nothing wrong with someone using everything God gave them to promote their worthy cause. America would be a much better place if more people spent a little more time advocating, to be honest.

This brings us to dildos. Student gun control advocates from the University of Texas, in opposition to Texas Governor Greg Abbott's recent legislation allowing legally licensed students to conceal carry on campus, decided to challenge a campus 'Prohibited Expression - Obscenity' law and strap dildos to themselves, backpacks, etc. They are trying to highlight, in their view, the absurdity of allowing someone to carry a gun to school but not a dildo. It's... laughable.

Sure, I get what these kids are trying to do. There's a segment of the population who are under the false impression that guns kill people, as opposed to the more realistic understanding that the person pulling the trigger is doing the killing. Call it fear, call it stupidity, whatever. They have identified a tool whose ultimate use is to provide an advantage in a situation where the ultimate outcome could be death for any and all subjects involved. They are capitalizing on the fact that death happens to promote their cause. I get it.

I also get that these are kids born from or into a progressive lifestyle with no real understanding of reality other than what they see through their social justice colored glasses.

A conservative, Constitution-loving administration would label this group as "fringe", harmless, and not worth much attention other than as a punchline at a party. But they get invited to the White House. They get to post selfies with dildos from the White House lawn, meet with the President of the Free World, and dance on the graves of everyone who fought with a gun to protect their right to do just that.

If this is grassroots activism, we need to not only uproot all that grass, but probably replace all the topsoil, replant the grass, and feed those seeds with water filtered through the Constitution.

I want to get back to the days where the only dildos in the White House were the ones we elected to live there.