'Destiny 2's' Latest Live Event PROVES Bungie Is Capable of Doing Great Things

Destiny 2 - Almighty Live Event Timelapse (64x)
Destiny 2 - Almighty Live Event Timelapse (64x)

This event was way too long...

Leo Loftus

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Throughout the Destiny Franchise's now 7-year-long lifespan, it has seen many ups and downs (More downs than ups). However, after learning from their competition, Bungie has finally begun to put their foot on the gas and start immersing their players with live in-game events.

On Saturday, June 7th, at 10pm, players who logged into Destiny 2 and loaded into The Tower saw a brilliant spectacle: The Almighty (an alien satellite that consumes suns, propelled towards Earth as a final act of desperation by enemy forces), destroyed by millions of PLAYER-MADE orbital missiles (very cool). This event transpired over the course of an hour and a half, and the embedded video is a time-lapse of the event. After the Almighty had crashed into earth, the remaining unused missiles and scrap metal burned up in the earth's atmosphere, creating an absolutely stellar visual effect. (Picture captured by me.)

It is now completely obvious that if Bungie can pull off their first ever live event as seamlessly as they have, they are capable of doing much, much more. If done properly, I believe that Destiny 2 may one day rival the likes of Fortnite's live events. I remain excited and hopeful for the future of this landmark game.

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