DC Comics Insults Christians with ‘Second Coming.’ Is Anyone Surprised?

I’m a Christian and don’t care about the forthcoming comic book. But others do. So here’s what’s happening.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry hate Christians. I’m a Christian, so they hate me. This has been going on for decades. For the most part, I’m bored with it. That means I can’t muster up the motivation to waste much time on Second Coming, a forthcoming limited comic book series (scheduled for six issues starting in March) from DC Comics. But it made the news recently. So I’m putting up this quick post about it. Most of it will be embedded tweets.

Second Coming will come and go without you even realizing it. What’s even better is that while DC and the rest of the comic book industry are laughing and congratulating themselves for jamming their thumbs in the eyes of me and my fellow Christians, they’re actually just accelerating the downfall of their dying industry.

(Comic book sales are dropping; few people read them. The comic book business model is doomed too. Do a little research into how the industry works, specifically looking at how comic book retailers get stuck with tons of financial loss for all the comic book units they can’t sell and can’t return.)

But CBN.com published a post about Second Coming on Jan. 8, and a tweet about it came across my timeline. So with this quick intro out of the way, here is the rest of what you need to know about the limited series by way of that initial tweet, and a few subsequent ones.

Enjoy. My interest with the topic has already expired.