Dark Phoenix Gets a Second Chance [VIDEO]

Gordon Kushner

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Starting with clips from both the original cast and the younger one, the Dark Phoenix trailer teases what will hopefully be an epic film which transcends the comic book medium.

Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame set dizzyingly high expectations for comic book movies to deliver massive story arcs which go deeper than good guy punches bad guy and saves the universe.

The X-Men comic books of the 70s penned by Chris Claremont and artist-writer John Byrne should provide the raw material for an experience. The Dark Phoenix Saga, a seven-issue story line, stands out as one of Marvel’s best moments. It has been visited and revisited many times over the decades.

Fox mishandled the movie adaptation in 2006 when it crammed it into X-Men: The Last Stand. Even Phoenix actor Famke Janssen felt that the story was shortchanged.

“I’m glad that the Dark Phoenix saga is finally getting its due,” Janssen says. “When we tackled it in The Last Stand, it wasn’t given enough time. I remember hearing from fans after we finished the film that they were disappointed that an enormous moment in the comics was given so little screen time. I’m happy for them to give Phoenix the due that she deserves.

In The Last Stand, the Power Cosmic, the awesome near-infinite power that transforms and eventually consumes Jean Gray, is portrayed as a mental schism akin to bipolar behavior.

By all indications, Dark Phoenix will be faithful to the original vision. The film appears to deliver the action, pathos and terror that the story deserves.

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