Comedian Roasts Millennials in Amazing Freestyle Rap! Hilarious! [VIDEO]

Roasting Millennials with Freestyle Rap!
Roasting Millennials with Freestyle Rap!

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Michael Loftus

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I've had the pleasure of working with British comic Chris Turner a few times at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club. Dude is legit. Very, very funny guy. And he certainly has a great "hook." You really need to see him live.

Chris will improvise a new rap every night. Not impressed? He bases his freestyle off of suggestions from the audience. At least FIVE. I've never seen him take the same suggestion either. They are all unique and highly specific. Not impressed? The beat that Chris raps to also changes from show to show. Not impressed? Maybe you're just being impossible. It's pretty damn cool. And also tons of fun.

We hope you dig this video featuring: Millennials, the moon landing (from the German perspective) Carlyle, and a couple more that I've already forgotten. Chris doesn't though. How?! It's incredible...

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This guy has me LMMFAO like nobody's business!


That was legit hella good