CNN’s Erin Burnett Will Be Furious with These Women in the Kitchen Photos

Paul Hair

Yesterday The Loftus Party covered how CNN anchorette Erin Burnett was unamused with Donald Trump’s “sexist” joke about how Melania Trump and Karen Pence almost made salads for the Clemson Tigers football team. Now we bring you some shocking images that surely would scandalize Burnett if she ever saw them. And just what are these outrageous photos? Why they are pictures of women in dresses and lingerie, and working in the kitchen!

First up, a series of photos Miles Aldridge did for Agent Provocateur back in 2014. Some very minimalist attire for kitchen work.

The Agent Provocateur Instagram account also included this short video of their model in the kitchen.

Next are some photos from Amber Nichole Miller’s Instagram account. Not sure who Miller is, but she’s got a Blue Check, so she must be a person we all need to listen to. She posted some photos and words of advice on how to be a good little housewife (both in and out of the kitchen).

Finally, we’ll end with two YouTube videos. The first one is from a channel called The Kino Library, which apparently is a company that has an archive of “rare and inspiring” film clips. This particular clip is of a 1960s United Kingdom housewife.

And then there is this scene from what may be one of the most uplifting movies of the 1970s: The Stepford Wives. Wait, we are supposed to think this is a happy ending. Right?

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Header Image: Excerpt of photo posted to Amber Nichole Miller’s Instagram account.