Clint Eastwood's Latest Film, 'Richard Jewell' [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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At the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, a bomb went off injuring dozens and killing one. Then the FBI and the media decided they found out who the bomber was: Richard Jewell. Just one problem, Jewell was innocent. More than that, he was the hero who saved lives. How his name was dragged through the mud and he was vilified is truly frightening. The time to set the record straight is long overdue.

Big shout out to Clint Eastwood for having the balls to make this movie. We watched the trailer and it looks damn good. And the tag line at the end? Wonderful!

The world will know his name and the truth. (The real bomber was Eric Rudolph, just FYI. They eventually caught him.)

Richard Jewell is scheduled to open on Dec. 13.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


Eastwood has gotten better with age. Remarkable trailer. Hope the movie is just as good. I remember this when it occurred. I was just entering adulthood and was not as aware of who journalists are then as I am now. But even back then, I recognized how badly the government and journalists treated him. Too bad Jewell didn't live to see this movie.