Chewie Challenges You To #RoarForChange

The Solo crew gets in on some good works ahead of the premeire

I've been pretty open about how much the movie Solo terrifies me. But somehow Opie, also known a award winning director Ron Howard can make me feel better. There have been a series of preview videos that include Howard and other cast members that give a sneak peek into what Solo has to offer fans of the character.

This one has given me the most hope that I will not be bitterly disappointed by the movie about my one of my favorite heroes.

This combined with the shorter T.V. promos I have seen are giving me a lot of confidence in Howard as the director. I have a better idea of what to expect and am almost looking forward to it.

Now the crew is getting in on a little charitable giving. I say a little but the cap is $1M which is not chump change. So do the world a favor and do you best Chewie roar. Put it out on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #RoarForChange and the dollars for Unicef will start rolling in. Every post between May 3 and May 25th will put $1.00 in towards the million dollar cap.

Tag us on Instagram or Twitter @theloftusparty and we'll give your best roar a little love as well. Or post it here in the comments. We can't wait to see them!