Chappelle, the Outrage Mob & Our 'Freedom To Laugh'

Michael Loftus

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As a rule, I don't watch stand up specials. I'm a comedian and I really try not to look at them. I have my reasons. I don't want to have it influence me. I don't want somebody else's jokes to be running around in my head, and most importantly the jealousy. As in, "How did THAT person get a Netflix special? Are you kidding me?!" Stuff like that.

Dave Chappelle is a completely different case. I don't watch his stuff cause I don't want to spend the next few days hating myself for not being as prolific. Chappelle is just amazing. Honestly, brilliant. He's up there with the greatest of all time. Okay. So that's where we are. Brilliant comic (Chappelle) does ANOTHER Netflix special. This one called "Sticks and Stones" as in sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. You get it.

Nope. I haven't seen it. I watched a couple clips and I dig it (minimal self hatred on my part) but SOME people are "outraged." No shit. A small but vocal minority are making a big of fuss and everyone is paying attention to them. Stop. That's the solution to this whole thing. Stop listening to the outrage mob. This isn't hard.

It's like a kid throwing a tantrum. If you stop and give them attention it just gets worse.

Here's what you do instead. Go to a live show and laugh your ass off at the stuff you find funny. It's THAT easy. Comedians generally wanna get laughs. I know I do. And if you are in the crowd laughing...we will keep going. It's that fucking simple. There's a bunch of pundits coming to Chappelle's defense. That's great. But when was the last time they were in a club? Laughing? I bet it's been a while.

You can't just sit back and judge culture and hope to steer it. You have to be IN IT. Involved. An active participant. Even if that participation is laughing and having a good time.

Chappelle did his part. He made a comedy special with some kind of edgy joke. Now let's show our support by making it a success and, thus, showing other comics that you can do this kind of material and have it be applauded. Simple.

I'm about to set off on the latest round of stand up dates for a show I'm a part of. "The Freedom to Laugh" comedy tour. It is exactly what you think it is. A comedy show with four national headliners (super funny dudes) and we are making fun of the Outrage Mob, the left, the PC police, etc. It's not a dirty show but it IS hilarious. If you really want to make a difference in the culture? Come on out and have a good time. Simple. OR you can sit at home and wonder what happened? When did we get soooooo PC?

We will only be victims of the Outrage Mob IF we let them win. They are in comedy clubs and movie theaters EVERY night. There's always a couple people. Just waiting to be offended. Eager to send an angry email. So if you want to push back? Celebrate what YOU like. Don't just sit at home like a clueless dork. Participate! It's that easy. Plus, if you come to "Freedom to Laugh" you'll have a great time too! Boom! Double victory!

Here's a link to our schedule and tour info.

And here's a video of a very funny Chappelle bit on Jussie Smollett.

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