Celebrate Women’s History Month with these Fine Hollywood Scenes [VIDEOS]

Goldfinger - James Bond & Pussy Galore Barn Scene HD
Goldfinger - James Bond & Pussy Galore Barn Scene HD

Playful fight leads Bond into seducing Pussy Galore

Paul Hair

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By me via Virtual Pulp.

Women’s History Month is here (or so people tell me). And in celebration of that, I’ve put together a few clips that feature a handful of some fine moments in Hollywood history that involve women.

So without further ado, here they are in chronological order based on the year of release of the films. . . .

1946: Duel in the Sun

Jennifer Jones’s character is on her hands and knees, scrubbing away and really putting her hips into it when in walks Gregory Peck’s character. . . .


1960: The Millionairess

The nurse tells Sophia Loren’s character to undress. And so she does.

1963: Donovan’s Reef

John Wayne’s character administers some corporal punishment to Elizabeth Allen’s character.


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