Cautionary Comics Will Focus on ‘Story, Character, Action and Fun’

Paul Hair

Via Jamison Ashley at Bleeding Fool:

An all-new comic book publishing company is now announcing they are on the scene and they’re no amateurs. Staffed by industry professionals (Mike Baron, Chuck Dixon, Brett R. Smith) and backed by Silicon Valley investors, this new comic publisher says they will only produce comics that focus on “STORY, character, action and fun”.

They are launching a new comic book universe where readers can be free from the stress, politics, and worries of their day to day grind. They believe fans want comics that exist only to entertain and let readers imaginations run away with them once again.

I interviewed Benjamin L Henderson, Founder/Creator/Fictioneer of Cautionary Comics last year and now they’ve officially announced their launch titles. And here they are: . . .

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