Camille Nelson Plays the Guitar and Violin on ‘Lead Me Home’ [VIDEOS]

Paul Hair

Camille Nelson is a guitarist, violinist, and more. And if you enjoy instrumental music, then you might want to check out her latest album: Lead Me Home.

I found out about Camille Nelson (@camillenmusic) when she followed me on Twitter the other day. Her bio notes that Lead Me Home hit the “[t]op ten [B]illboard chart.” (That occurred in the “Classical Crossover” category back in 2017 when she released the album.) So I took to the interwebs to learn more about her.

Her website expands on her background and musical talents, provides links to her social media presence, and tells you all about Lead Me Home. It also has some videos of her playing her music.

Nelson also has a YouTube channel. “Be Thou My Vision” (the video at the top of the page) and “Israel, Israel, God Is Calling” (the video above this paragraph) are both there, and both are featured on Lead Me Home. (“Be Thou My Vision” appears to be the only song on the otherwise instrumental album.) But she has videos apart from Lead Me Home there as well, including a video called “Black Key.”

“Black Key” shows that in addition to playing the guitar and violin, Nelson plays the piano and sings. On top of this, it’s a very personal song—something emphasized during the second part of the video when she talks about its meaning and why she wrote it.

So if you’re scouring the audio landscape for new music, and a musician who can play the guitar and violin sounds interesting, Camille Nelson and Lead Me Home might be just what you’re looking for.