Bring Out the Musical Beasties!

Lisa Tate

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This has been a weird weekend of holidays and observances, with the Jewish observance of Passover beginning Friday evening, followed by the stoner excuse to get baked (like they wouldn't anyway on a weekend) "Four Twenty" on Saturday, followed by the sacred Christian holiday of Easter Sunday (complete with its secular counterpart with walking bunnies and marshmallow chickens), and ending today with (let's turn everything into an environmental lecture) Earth Day, filled with butterflies and Unicorns.

Anyone inclined to try and smash all of these events into their own weekend just might come out tomorrow seeing all sorts of weird beasties.

Or, they could just watch one of these music videos, featuring some very original critters representing everything from inspiration to depression.

Twenty-One Pilots: Chlorine

If you read or watch any of the explanations for this video, this puffy little horned critter, apparently named "Ned," in one of this duo's string of catchy hits, represents feeding the creative process.

Well, he certainly likes things sanitized.

Coldplay: Paradise

In this quest to find his place, a costume-shop elephant travels far and wide to reunite with his buddies and form a "Banana Splits" Tribute band.

Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

Do NOT underestimate the manga power punch of the little pink Teddy Bear! Imagine Dragons successfully merges "Fight Club" with "The Muppets," and the result is awesome.

Plus, I extend a virtual fist bump for Lou Diamond Phillips guest starring in this one.

The Moth & The Flame: The New Great Depression

There's a little bit of "Where the Wild Things" are appeal to this darkly moving video, but it spirals into mild nightmare territory as this glowing-eyed "monster" is a visual representation of depression.

Don't watch this unless you've got a box of tissues at hand. This is a potent and incredibly sad piece that forces you to think about the burden those facing depression carry with them.

But, there's always hope. For example....

Band of Horses: In A Drawer

This sweet and addictive little ditty from Band of Horses give all furry, hunchbacked, Henson-style creatures with stalking tendencies hope that they too can find love. Awww.

Counting Crows: Accidentally in Love

Finally, since it was Easter weekend, this list needs a funky bunny. And thanks to some help from DreamWorks, this rabbit bearing the signature dreads and beard of Counting Crows lead singer, Adam Duritz, gets the girl.

Unfortunately, this was overshadowed by the Shrek 2 tie-in, in which the song was featured.

Even more than ten years after this one was released, it still goes to show when you're too much in love with yourself, there's always some bunny else out there ready to steal your sweetheart.

Header image: Screen Capture of "Chlorine" (Fueled By Ramen).

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


didn't know there was an actual Ned from 21 Pilots! Ha! love it!


If you love Lou Diamond Phillips in Imagine Dragon's Radioactive music video then check out Longmire on Netflix. I really enjoy that series and Lou Diamond Phillips does some fine acting in this.