Boogie with the 'Boogyman:' Three Animated Fan Tributes to John Wick

Lisa Tate

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John Wick 3 — Parabellum is now the number one movie worldwide, and one of the coolest results of any movie that resonates with a large amount of people is the creative and goofy fan culture. A good character makes people want to create their tributes from fan art to original videos or remixed music. Just for fun, check out these three fan goodies featuring Wick in animated and illustrated form.

Boogyman from Rockit Gaming

My teen turned me onto this group of YouTubers, called Rockit Gaming, who upload music inspired by favorite video games. Here they add to their unofficial soundtrack with a song inspired by John Wick, featuring some bold stylized animation by Grimmstein. Try to overlook the missing "E" in "Boogeyman," because this is a pretty cool song.

John Wick Arcade Version

Alexop puts together a variety of music mixes and game parodies, and has a following or around 17,800 checking them all out. Here, we get to see what John Wick might have looked like if he were a circa 1980s arcade video game. Scoff all you want, but I would have dropped some quarters in this thing had it been around when I was a teenager.

Wick Fortnite Dances

I probably shouldn't ignore the fans of the PvP game Fortnite Battle Royale who have been putting together their own short films and freestyles from the John Wick: Wick's Bounty skin that was made available for a limited time. Naturally, several fans spent a good amount of time and effort making him perform all the Dance Emotes. Some of these little video dance fests go on for upwards of 30 minutes, but here's a shorter version with Wick bustin' a few signature moves. Yes, this includes the "Freestylin'" and "Floss," although my favorite is him going full Carlton in the "Fresh" mode. Who knew he was so sassy?

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