Boba Fett Movie? DEAD. Stars Wars franchise on Life Support.

Michael Loftus

Disney and Kathleen Kennedy recently announced the cancellation of two Star Wars movies. For those keeping track at home, the Obi Wan and Boba Fett spin-off's are dead. Good. I say this as a fan of the franchise. When you find yourself staring at a pile of crap, the solution is never: add more crap. You have to define the problem and fix it.

Kathleen Kennedy IS the problem. They need to let her go. "But She was the chosen one! She was supposed to lead us down a golden path! One new Star Wars movie a year! Plus two new trilogies!" Well, it didn't work out. We have been betrayed and she's gotta go. Because she just doesn't get it. She doesn't understand what made the franchise work in the first place. And in her ham-fisted attempts to make her own Star Wars movies, she's actually doing damage.

I won't bore you with some Film School breakdown of why the new movies suck. (YouTube has a gazillion of those. Here's my breakdown of "The Last Jedi" if you care to watch.) But I will give you a hint:

The original trilogy was classic myth. Ripped right out of The Heroes Journey. It works because there AREN'T political statements. The politics are left for the viewer to decide. Just like The Lord Of The Rings (which ISN'T about World War Two—Tolkien said so; take it up with him) or King Arthur, you have a reluctant hero swept up in a journey to fight evil. Along the way, you discover creatures and landscapes that are exciting and new. Under NO circumstances do you take side trips, off story, to explain why capitalism is bad (casino planet) or introduce characters that add nothing to the story (Rose). And another thing: wizards and Jedi aren't all powerful. They have limits. Even though it's magic or The Force, there are rules. Don't break them just because you've written yourself into a corner. (Rey has insane Force skills on her first day.)

Keep it simple, stupid. The audience wants a grand adventure. They don't want to think they've landed in a political science debate. Keep politics out of Star Wars! Just let us know who the bad guys are and what challenges our hero (or heroine—we honestly don't care if it's a boy or a girl as long as the shit makes sense!) faces. It's that easy.

Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson seem hell bent on teaching us something about today's politics instead of a classic "Good vs Evil" "Hero's Journey". And to quote Yoda... "This is why you fail." In my opinion they are guilty of a much worse sin. It would seem they don't love Star Wars. If they did? They would already KNOW why it works! So I'm kind of relieved they wont have a chance to ruin Obi Wan or Boba Fett.

Side bar: Disney is coming out with "The Mandalorian". Jon Favreau is directing a TV show based on a NEW character from Boba Fett's planet, that takes place after The Empire. Yes! I applaud this!

Disney and Kennedy have shown a complete lack of understanding of why Star Wars is magic. Until they can prove otherwise, I won't be upset that they have slowed their roll in killing the franchise. George Lucas created something unique and wonderful. The fans love it. Let's not have someone kill it because they don't.