Bleeding Fool Interviews Loftus Party’s Paul Hair about ‘Appalling Stories 2!’

Paul Hair

Via Chris Braly at Bleeding Fool:

. . . BF: How important are these tales to our modern culture?

PH: For my entire adult life (which has been well over 20 years now – I’m old!), Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry has produced products (movies, TV, music, books, and so forth) that run counter to my values. Many people have complained about it. In fact, the conservative movement has developed a quite vigorous industry that centers on complaining about entertainment (and politics and culture).  But how many people have actually tried to change things—tried to be the creators? Not too many. Those of us who have contributed to the two “Appalling Stories” anthologies are the exceptions. We are making culture and entertainment. It’s important and it’s fun!

BF: What is accomplished when creatives begin to tweak the “groupthink” of today’s progressives and is there a best practice for that task in your mind?

PH: Entertaining readers was our primary focus with both “Appalling Stories” anthologies. Hopefully we accomplished that. But tweaking groupthink was a pretty big secondary focus. And by doing so through fiction, we demonstrated that people who don’t subscribe to the dominating, oppressive beliefs of our Ruling Class can produce excellent entertainment. This in turn means that everyone who can see mainstream entertainment for what it really is now has a quality alternative to turn to. . . .

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