Bleeding Fool Covers Comics in a World Dominated by PC Culture

Paul Hair

Via me at Hollywood in Toto:

Political correctness dominates the comic book industry as much as everything else in modern times.

It even overwhelms the media outlets covering comic books.

Jamison Ashley noticed this long ago. And, after an amusing incident with one such media outlet, he launched Bleeding Fool to offer a different perspective of the four-color world.

HiT had the chance to speak with Ashley. We discussed how PC, rancor from comic book professionals towards fans, and more are affecting the industry in this exclusive interview.

Full Disclosure: Bleeding Fool recently published a Q&A with Paul Hair, the author of this HiT interview.

HiT: What is the story behind the creation of Bleeding Fool?

Jamison Ashley: [Years ago], I discovered a comics-news website called Bleeding Cool. They leaned a bit too liberal for my tastes but because they were prolific and frequently updated, I found myself popping in daily while I enjoyed my coffee or my lunch. . . .

One day I was on the Bleeding Cool message boards commenting on a story they were running where the writer was praising the forced diversity of one of that month’s inclusive comics du jour. And I posted that I thought [while] it was commendable that X-Men #94 (published in 1975 and which introduced many of the most well-known X-Men) was EXTREMELY diverse, Marvel didn’t feel a need to promote it as a “diverse comic book.” They just told a solid story and it became a hit.

I was shadowbanned by Bleeding Cool within an hour of making that comment.

That was the day Bleeding Fool was born and it would allow people to sound off without fear of being censored for “wrongthink.” . . .

Read the entire interview at Hollywood in Toto.