Blackberry Smoke - 'Midnight Rider' (Live from Capricorn Sound Studios) [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Just discovered these dudes last night. A wonderful person we follow on Twitter posted this clip. Fuck yeah! We love it when social media actually does something social! Ha! Big shout out to Dagen for being cool.

Hold up. I should do some reporter type shit. BRB...

Aha! Here's a link to their website. That's as about as reporter as I'm gonna get today.

I'm an instant fan of these guys. The guitars. The vocals & harmonies. All of it! If you know anyone who digs the whole Southern rock vibe? Let 'em know about Blackberry Smoke.

We do what we can to find cool artists. If you know of one? Let us know, fucker! Don't keep tat to yo-self!

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