'Black Widow' Teaser Trailer Just Dropped & We're Conflicted [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Here ya go! The trailer for Marvel's new Black Widow movie...meh. Sorry. It's just hard for me to get fired up. Here's why; she's dead. I watched Avengers: Endgame. She dead. Pushing up the daisies. Hard to worry about what's gonna happen to her now. SHE'S DEAD.

This is why you shouldn't kill characters you have plans for. People have a wonderful ability to pretend movies are real. That's the magic of cinema. Suspend your disbelief. "What if this was real?" Well, Black Widow is gone. I'm moving on. For the sake of my emotional well-being! HA!

I guess Hollywood needs to learn this lesson. Screenwriters ALWAYS seem to want to kill main characters. It's almost ALWAYS a bad idea. Especially for a franchise.

Remember the Star Wars standalone movie Solo? It didn't do so well, did it? Know why? Cause they fucking KILLED Han Solo! End of fun. You RUINED it.

So pardon me if I'm not all goosebumps over a Black Widow movie when I know she's about to kick the bucket.

Now, if Marvel wants to bring her back to life? Maybe. Clone? Cheap, but maybe.

Bonus points awarded to the sheriff from Stranger Things showing up. We like that dude. I'm legit more concerned about what happens to HIS character. Just sayin'. -- The Mgmt

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