'Birds of Prey' Trailer. You Feeling It? We're Not.

Michael Loftus

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Rapid fire thoughts on Birds of Prey.

Where's the Joker? Where the fuck is the Joker? The trailer starts with Harley Quinn saying, "The Joker and I broke up." I'd like to see THAT movie, please. What happened? They were madly in love last time we saw them. Did I miss a movie?

She mentions Joker like three times in the trailer...WTF? Where is he?

I have no idea what Birds of Prey is about. From the clips? It's Harley and friends doing girl power stuff...ok...fine I guess. Obi Wan is the bad guy. What else ya got? Secret mission? Is Obi Wan in love with Harley?

Can Harley Quinn carry a whole movie? Her wacky shenanigans were a blast in Suicide Squad, but it wasn't the whole movie. And her and Joker's love affair was THE MOST COMPELLING THING about that story. So again: Where's Joker?

I wanna like this. I really do. But I'm getting a bad feeling...like super stinky feeling.

Maybe the next Birds of Prey trailer will clear things up.

-- The Mgmt

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


I watched it and thought, "This is going to be an anti-men rant." I've no idea if that is what it will end up being, but the trailer sure makes it seem that way. And since trailers are supposed to hint at what the actual story is, that's the message the filmmakers are sending right now.