Bella Thorne Did Nothing Wrong

Michael Loftus

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Get ready. Here comes a disjointed. kinda angry. pseudo article. I may have just invented it. Dunno. I had to jump into the whole "Bella Thorne nude pics" debate. Which I can't even believe is a debate!

Here's what we know: Bella took some selfies, without clothes. Her phone was hacked and/or the pictures were stolen. Whoopie Goldberg placed blame on Bella. This leads me to a giant WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?! I'm not even sure how to start my rebuttal to this madness. But here goes.

There's only ONE person to blame. The douchebag who stole the pictures! That's it! Everything else is pure bullshit. That's who gets the blame. The thief.

(We won't be posting the pics because they weren't meant for us. Gonna show some respect to Ms. Thorne on this.)

Maybe Whoopie isn't cool or comfortable with taking nude pics and sending them to someone she cares about. That's fine. Not gonna question what Whoopie finds hot.

But guess what? Not everyone has the same sensibilities. Bella Thorne wanted to send some hot pics to someone she likes. Bravo! That's awesome if that's something she want's to do! We celebrate that shit.

And whoever the pics were meant for? Hope you celebrate it too! Bella seems like a very cool person. Actress, best selling author. She's definitely got it going on. Who WOULDN'T want sexy pics from her? Are you crazy?

Whoopie's point seems to be this: You should assume you're going to get hacked. That is jacked up on every level. Who wants to live their life by assuming the worst will happen?

Don't use wi-fi. You'll get hacked. Don't drive a car. You'll wreck. Don't fly on airplanes. You'll crash. (Whoopie doesn't fly BTW. Guess she DOES assume the worst will happen.)

We don't want to live like that. How is that any fun? Can we try to have a little fun in this jacked up world? Whoopie doesn't think we can evidently. Boooooooo!

So Bella gets some hot pics stolen and the person decides to use them as leverage against her. Bella then takes matters into her own hands and publishes the pics herself. Completely badass move. Just saying. That is brave as shit! That's how you turn the tables on dickhead. OWN IT! This was an epic move!

And instead of coming to this girl's defense, Whoopie starts throwing shade? It's insane.

Good for you, Bella! Much success in life and with your books and career.

Whoopie, ya need to lighten up. It's 2019. a lot of people dig the sexy selfie.

And to the thief: You're an asshole. I hope you get caught. Not only are you a criminal but you're ruining it for everyone else. How many people will want to do something a bit risqué like sending a hot nude, then decide not to because of people like you? That's jacked up. Fuck you.

Life is short. People shouldn't walk around in fear of what might happen. We should walk on the wild side and live a little before we leave the planet.

Here's some info on Bella's book and her Instagram.

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