Awesome Cover! 'Alone Again, Naturally' [VIDEO]

alone again, naturally - gilbert o'sullivan (cover)
alone again, naturally - gilbert o'sullivan (cover)

this video was a pAIN i had extra audio and all but it didn't process properly and at this point i'm just finna upload what i have bc i love this song and do...

Michael Loftus

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The 70's seemed like they were full of songs like "Alone Again, Naturally." Really great melodies. Super easy to sing alone too, but INSANELY sad. Just off the rails depressing. And you couldn't stop singing them! They were stuck in your brain. Good times.

We're glad to see this video from Sammy Copley (not the girl from Game of Thrones btw--ha!). It's a great cover of a great tune.

I'll probably be bummed out all afternoon now. YAY!

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