'Avengers: End Game' Trailer Is Here. We Have Thoughts.

The first trailer for 'Avengers: End Game' just dropped.

You saw that, right? Let's dive in.

Loved the start. Tony in outer space? No chance of rescue? Which begs the question: Who will rescue him? HA! Guardians of the Galaxy? Captain Marvel? Awesome tease.

Was nice to see Hawkeye again, too. Not a huge fan of that character, but I kinda missed him in the last movie? Like, hey... where's that other dude? Nice to have ya back Hawkeye.

The rest of the clip is kind of recap of who lived and who disappeared in the last flick. I don't say "died" cause it's a comic book. Nobody EVER dies. I like that.

Hey look! Thanos is a farmer! Dude is growing some EPIC sized Hops! Maybe his plan is to open a micro-brewery now that he got rid of half the Galaxy.

As a first trailer, we are digging it. Marvel trailers only get better as the release date gets closer. (See my review of Captain Marvel trailer 2.)

Not a big fan of ending on an Ant-Man appearance. Seemed odd to end on that. It's a fine piece of comedy, but just weird to go out on a big joke. I'm a dork. I've been taking this whole Thanos thing kind of seriously. Wasn't ready to yuk it up yet.

What did YOU think? You digging it? Let us know below!