Art Thibert’s ‘Black and White Remastered’ Crowdfunding Campaign Sailing Along

Artist is remastering his creator-owned ‘Black and White’ comic book miniseries into a graphic novel.

Art Thibert created a comic book miniseries called Black and White in 1994. Image published it and it proved successful enough that Thibert is reissuing it as a 48-page graphic novel in 2018. He launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the effort, reaching his primary goal only days after it started. But he has other goals he’d like to reach, and as it sails along, here’s more on what he has planned.

Thibert writes on his Indiegogo page that the original Black and White miniseries “sold over 500,000 copies,” and that “[s]ince then, readers have constantly asked me when this duo would make their triumphant return to print.”

So the male-female vigilante team of Black and White is making a comeback, with Thibert planning for the current campaign to “be part one of a two-part remastering of the origin story.”

Thibert’s wife Pamela (the writer of the original series) and Taylor Grosso are working on the project as editor-in-chief and cowriter respectively.

The campaign flew past its initial goal of $10,000 within the first 24 hours according to a Sep. 15 update on the campaign page. But the team is hoping to far exceed that so they can do more than just the basics. If they hit $20,000, they’ll upgrade the graphic novel to “a square-bound printed book,” and if they hit $30,000 they’ll “[e]xtend Black and White Remastered with new never before seen story pages.”

As it stands now, the remastering will include a “new updated story, additional pages, [and] remastered artwork and colors.”

Head on over to Thibert’s Indiegogo page for more information on Black and White Remastered.

All featured artwork excerpted from images on Thibert’s Indiegogo page.


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