Are you excited for 'Holmes and Watson?'

Michael Loftus

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are at it again. I'm thrilled! I loved Talladega Nights and I think Step Brothers is absolutely brilliant. Truly, one of the funniest movies ever made. The Catalina Wine Mixer!! (If that sentence means nothing to you? I'm very, very, sorry.)

So here's my beef with Holmes and Watson: WHY? This seems like very familiar territory comedically. How many wacky spins have we already seen about Sherlock and Co.? Fifty? One hundred? You know what I'm saying. These two guys are so insanely talented! Why would they phone it in with this flick? You're creative! Be creative!! In their defense, it might be brilliant. Or the studio would only give the greenlight to something "safe" like Sherlock. (Very good chance the studio IS to blame here.) But let's be honest. Are you gonna line up to see this movie in the theater? I doubt it. You're gonna be like me and watch it on Netflix and realize it didn't suck a hard as you thought. Which leads me to this...

Netflix needs to make more comedies. If a giant studio blows their whole wad on a big budget comedy? And it tanks? They'll just stop making comedies altogether. That's no bueno. So let's not make comedies with a budget of 150 million bucks that lie there like a dead dog at the box office. Let's make a boatload of smaller comedies for WAY LESS money! That way you can take more chances and think up original ideas! Sure, some of em' will suck. But some WON'T!! Some will be the next Step Brothers or Hangover! More comics, more movies, more chances to succeed. It's a win win! NO! It's actually a win, win, win!

So if you see Holmes and Watson in the theater? Bless your heart. I'll review it when it comes to Netflix.

Are YOU excited about Holmes and Watson? Think I'm a jerk? Let me know in the comments section. (I'm not a jerk btw.)