‘Appalling Stories 3’ Strides into New Territory—a Novella!

Paul Hair

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Authors David Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and I wrote the original anthology, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice. We produced a sequel (along with new authors) last December. Now, Dave and Ray have teamed up to produce the first standalone novella in the series—Appalling Stories 3: Escape from Trumplandia! So if you’re in the mood for satire about some Never Trumpers journeying out of the dystopia of their nightmares in the hope of finding their promised land, then this book is for you!

Trumplandia, which Dave Dubrow and I co-authored, is a rollicking, no-holds-barred skewering of Trump Derangement Syndrome and as many current progressive shibboleths as we could cram into 117 pages,” Ray explained.

“I was reading online the other day and came across this line in a takedown of Max Boot by Sohrab Ahmari in First Things: ‘. . . Boot and a small coterie of die-hard Never Trumpers cast the election [of 2016] as an evil anomaly….’ (emphasis added),” he continued. “That’s a common fever dream which we inflated like a balloon in a Macy parade: the election of the Orange Abhorrence was such an evil, momentous, anomalous event that it ripped the fabric of space-time and created a bizarro world, the Disunited States of Trumplandia, chockful of repression and propaganda, mandatory Chick-Fil-A from government dispensaries, weird cryptids running wild, Cthulhu megaliths and alt-reality wormholes.”

Ray and Dave went all-out on having fun with that idea.

“In a modern take on The Pilgrim’s Progress, a band of pilgrims from a UU Church in Boulder, Colorado, trek across the nightmare landscape of the West to seek asylum in the breakaway California republic,” Ray said. “The narrative, told by the woke Aaron Moon, a former noise abatement officer for the city of Boulder, follows them.”

And as you might expect, things don’t necessarily go well.

“Their number is diminished by the various lures, snares and pitfalls encountered along the way (including a transformative Walmart) until only a handful remain to cross the border to Free Cali where they find...well, that would be giving away too much,” Ray added.

Pick up Appalling Stories 3: Escape from Trumplandia at Amazon. And you can follow Dave online at his website (and Twitter), and Ray on Twitter.

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