‘Appalling Stories 2’: More Gritty, Fun Fiction You’ll Love Reading!

Paul Hair

Want a collection of fun, pulp-fiction tales all in one book? Then Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice is for you! (Also available for your Kindle!) The sequel to Appalling Stories is here, and David Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and yours truly have returned for it. But we have more great authors joining us. Plus, Christian Toto of Hollywood in Toto provides the foreword. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll read when you buy this fantastic new book.

Dave’s story “Her Bodies, Her Choice” leads the anthology. What do you do when you’re a woman who gets a degree in Women’s Studies from Vassar? Why you go work for the biggest abortion group in the world. Only things turn out a little differently than what the heroine, or most anyone else, was expecting.

Then it’s my “The Order That Changed the World.” Long before Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) verbalized the notion of the U.S. government nuking Americans in a hypothetical war over guns, I had finished writing this tale. Does that mean my story involves the government using nuclear weapons on Americans? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Breitbart contributor Warner Todd Huston is up next. “Those Eyes” is a historical record set in an all-too-possible future. The government has finally succeeded in undermining parental rights. And it’s all downhill from there. It looks like there is no hope in overcoming such a disaster . . . at first.

Everyone’s favorite Hispanic writer Jon Del Arroz teams up with Avily Jerome for “Angel of Death.” Rob Hardy is a chaplain for a mining colony on an asteroid in space. His faith and more are tested when humans make first contact with alien life. Or rather, when alien life makes first contact with humanity.

Ray Zacek examines one of the great scourges of our time in “Unprivilege Day.” Alan Wick is a woke gent, and he’s determined to get rid of his white privilege to show just how progressive he is. Too bad for him that Arliss and his colorful companions show up.

What’s it like when you’re passionate about destroying the racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes of the world and the one person you most look up to betrays you? A. J. Powers explores this conundrum in “Betrayal.” (And see if you can catch the Easter egg that calls back to the first Appalling Stories.)

“Rexxi’s Glitch” is Hillary Lyon’s tale of a liberal arts professor and his new, significant other: Rexxi—the latest android model. Quinn had her designed to his exact specifications so he could have the perfectly obedient wife, and one that no other man would want. But a new neighbor provides the X factor and causes his designs to go the way that all of the best laid plans of mice and men do.

Dr. R. Mark Huffman’s “Never Again” finds the U.S. banning firearms after the latest mass shooting. Eric Beales played a huge role in that effort, and he’s filled with a sense of power and importance because of it. He’s all the more fanatical about seeing that guns disappear for good from America after that. At least, he is at first. . . .

Dave Dubrow’s “Deprogram” is a sci-fi tale for our times. No, you didn’t misread that. This is Dave’s second contribution to Appalling Stories 2! Grayson runs a business deprogramming folks caught up in cults and other nasty organizations. And his latest job is a contract to get a girl out of the White Liberty Alliance. Transgenderism? Check. Hysteria over “white supremacist Nazis?” Check. A shocking finale? Check. What doesn’t this story have?!

You might best know Mike Baron as co-creator of the comic book superhero Nexus. But he’s conquered the prose world as well. “Trail of the Loathsome Swine” finds young Cody on a hunt of vengeance. Not everyone is supportive of it, though. No matter. He and his family keep on going, and their detractors run into some trouble of their own.

Hard to believe that we packed all this excitement and fun into one book! But we did! So go out and get Appalling Stories 2: More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice today! Go old school and buy the paperback, or take the high-tech road and purchase the Kindle version. Either way, you’ll be entertained!

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