Annaca: Rich Vocals & Music [VIDEOS]

Paul Hair

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Annaca’s catalogue of music featuring her rich vocals is growing. Some of her latest album songs are theatrical, but she has performed acoustic versions of them as well (see the above video). Both are well done. She released her latest single, “In the Dark,” on Sep. 27. Here’s a little bit more about her music.

The video at top is a recording of her live performing “Many Are the Stars I See, But in My Eye No Star Like Thee,” which is credited as being a collaboration between Ursine Vulpine / Frederick Lloyd and her. It comes from their Solace album, which was released earlier in 2019. Again, the album version leans more operatic. I enjoy both versions but I most prefer the acoustic performance.

Annaca has performed additional acoustic versions of the songs from Solace. But before we get to those, check out the trailer for the album (courtesy of Ursine Vulpine’s YouTube channel) featuring one of its songs and an interesting mini movie to go with it.

And here are the additional acoustic performances of some of the songs from Solace.

As mentioned at top, Annaca has a brand new single out. We’ll get to that in a moment. A bit of trivia first.

I had not heard of her until around 2017. Alfa Romeo ran an advertisement featuring a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” that she and Ursine Vulpine performed. Here’s a video of that.

And here’s the recorded live performance of the entire song.

Finally, here’s Annaca’s “In the Dark,” the single she just released yesterday.

So if you like her sound, you can purchase Annaca’s music on popular digital platforms. And you can follow her on popular social media sites, including Instagram.

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