‘Angeline Is Coming Home’ by The Badlees [VIDEOS]

The Badlees - Angeline is Coming Home (Official video)
The Badlees - Angeline is Coming Home (Official video)

The Badlees - Angeline is Coming Home - official video

Paul Hair

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So Evangeline Lilly is in the news because of something regarding going out or staying at home. And when I saw it I thought, Wasn’t there a song about Evangeline coming home in the 1990s? Weren’t the lyrics something like, ‘Greased landing, indignity, Evangeline is coming home’? So I did a little internet searching and found what I was looking for. Of course, I was off a bit. The lyrics are, ‘Resplendent in dignity, Angeline is coming home,’ and the song is called, “Angeline Is Coming Home” by The Badlees.

The song is on the 1995 album River Songs, and the video for it was directed by Anthony Edwards and features Julianna Margulies, both of whom were hugely famous at the time due to their roles on the television series E. R.

River Songs also featured another Badlees hit: “Fear of Falling.”

So journey back to the mid-1990s with these two tunes from The Badlees. And you can sing the actual lyrics to “Angeline Is Coming Home,” or you can go with the ones I made up due to my uncanny inability to decipher song lyrics.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Holy crap! How did I miss these? Was I in a coma? Good stuff!