Amazon Shows How Rotoscoping Made ‘Undone’ [VIDEO]

Undone - Evolution of the Rotoscope Animated Series | Prime Video
Undone - Evolution of the Rotoscope Animated Series | Prime Video

You've never experienced an animated series like this before. Watch the evolution of Undone before the series premieres September 13th on Amazon Prime Video....

Paul Hair

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Rotoscoping has been used in films for a long time. But the digital age has allowed for modern artists to use it to create scenes and stories that would’ve been impossible in previous eras. Amazon Prime’s recently debuted Undone is one such example. And to tie in with the debut, Amazon released the above video demonstrating what rotoscoping is and why the Undone producers chose to use it.

And if rotoscoping tickles your fancy, Undone isn’t your only option for entertainment that features it. Check out the below trailer for the 2006 movie, A Scanner Darkly. Like Undone, the entire film was done using the technique.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


For all the nerds out there, such as myself; Rotoscope was invented by Max Fleischer. He invented it for the Superman cartoons of the 1940's. Absolute game changer. If you've never seen these should. They are everything. And the cartoons are the reason Superman flies. Easier for the animators to draw. The more you know! HA!