Alfonzo Rachel & 20 lb Sledge Cover of 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush [VIDEO]

Sledge Cover of Tom Sawyer by Rush
Sledge Cover of Tom Sawyer by Rush Family Friendly Content Thanks for tuning in for songs from back in the day with a Sledge Edge! If ya dig the...

Michael Loftus

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Long story short. Promise. Many moons back, I was making a little TV show called "The Flipside." Much fun was had as we made fun of modern politics from a different point of view. Three awesome seasons! I learned a LOT about syndication and just how incredibly stacked the deck is against anything "leaning right" politically. Even if it's NOT mean spirited.

Anyway, we had a blast! Seasons 2 & 3 were filmed in front of a live audience in an LA Comedy club. Now in season 3 I met Alfonzo Rachel. We talked after the show and he informed me he had a band that could do the show when we taped. WHAAAA? And here's the kicker: They fucking rocked! Like legit sounded great! So for a handful of episodes down at Hermosa Beach, Alfonzo and 20 lb Sledge would just crank it up to 11 and we'd put on a hell of a show. So much fun it's criminal!

I went on to wrap that show after season 3 and took another network writing job and Alfonzo launched a damn fine acting career. Dude is in movies! I couldn't be happier for the guy. So this morning I get on FaceBook and see a link to this video! Woo Hoo! Alfonzo is still bringing the musical heat. Dude can play! Made me very happy. And so I'm sharing it here with all of you.

Life gets busy. People take different paths. But everything worked out in the end. Way to go Alfonzo. Keep rocking. Maybe we do a "Flipside" reunion special some day.

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