Air Supply - 'Lost In Love' [VIDEO]

Air Supply - Lost In Love (Official Video)
Air Supply - Lost In Love (Official Video)

Air Supply's official music video for 'Lost In Love'. Click to listen to Air Supply on Spotify: As featured ...

Michael Loftus

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Know this: I post this completely unironically. Heard this song recently and I had the most massive of flashbacks. This song and this band were everywhere back in the day. EVERY. WHERE. Totally annoying at the time, but now I'm able to admire the greatness! Air Supply isn't an everyday jam, but when you want it? Good to know they're there. Dudes churned out the hits and you gotta admire that. Show some respect!

So don't be shy. Crank it up and sing along! Try to hit that high note! Do it!!

AND these dudes are still doing shows! I have every intention of seeing them live. Blow me. I like what I like. Here's a link to 2020 shows.

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Heya Michael -- it's your old Flipside friend from Texas. Give THIS a listen. My fave AS song, and they can still kill it LOVE. Worth the listen: