Adventure with a Twist in ‘The Chosen One’ Short Story!

Paul Hair

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Appalling Stories 4: Even More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice is the latest entry in the pulp fiction anthology series. With returning favorite authors and great new ones, this book offers more exciting short stories that span different genres. There’s horror and sci-fi, action and adventure, and even a unique superhero tale. “The Chosen One” is the tale I wrote, and it’s an adventure yarn featuring mystery and action, but also a twist that readers won’t see coming! Here’s a little bit more about it.

Stafford Fielder is a young adventurer who’s already jaded. And when Dr. Ernie Roth approaches him to find the mythical Woodstone, he hesitates to do so. After all, no one knows if the object even exists! But when Dr. Roth tells him a team of Russians is chasing it and that they might acquire unbelievable power if they find it, Fielder agrees to take the job. But it’s not easy, and the Russians aren’t Roth and Fielder’s only opponents. Their own teammates provide conflict as well—and that conflict helps lead to a startling turn of events!

Hopefully that’s enough to whet your appetite, but if not, get ready for more. Right below is an excerpt from the story that takes you straight into the heart of the action.

One of the henchmen stood guard. The other searched them for weapons, finding only Stafford’s Colt 1911. Ernie smelled cologne and sweat on him.

When he finished, the second man took the journal, phones, and Stafford’s weapon to Marisha. Then he returned to tie up Ernie and the others. With that task finished, both the men retreated to the doorway. Marisha approached her bound captives, squatting directly in front of Stafford who sat next to Ernie. Ernie had a great view of her profile, her beige clothing tightly hugging it.

“You know, you’ve surprised me,” she told Stafford. “Always finding the next clue just before I do. I thought you’d be a typical, foolish American.” She traced her index finger, with its deep red fingernail, from his right cheek, to underneath his chin, and to the left side of his face. He didn’t pull away. “Of course, I’m still better, which is why I have this.” She held up the journal. “Meanwhile, all you get to have is some quality time with your friends.” She grinned at Ernie. “Although, I am slightly jealous of that.”

She leaned forward and kissed Ernie on the mouth. He flushed, and felt another surge of energy rush through him.

“It’s not over yet,” Stafford told her.

Marisha stood up, doing a quick about face and giving Ernie a great view of her backside. She took a few steps towards the door. “True. But it will be soon.” Her fingers deftly pushed aside page after page of the journal. “What was the place again? Ah, yes. Here it is. Perry County, Pennsylvania. I’ve always enjoyed Pennsylvania. I will enjoy going there again. And I will very much enjoy possessing the Woodstone.”

She nodded at her henchmen. They exited the cabin. “I wish I could say, ‘Until we meet again,’ Mr. Fielder,” Marisha told him. “But I’m afraid this will be the last time we meet. So it is goodbye.” She kissed her fingers and blew it to him. She blew a second one to Ernie. “As for you two,” she said to Coltrane and Kiki, “I do not like you.” She wheeled around and hurried after her henchmen.

“No!” Kiki said. “It can’t end like this!”

“Let’s get started,” Ernie said. “It shouldn’t take us more than ten minutes to get loose.”

I hope you enjoyed that glimpse of “The Chosen One.” And remember, there are other fantastic stories from a plethora of other authors in the same book! Please go to Amazon and buy Appalling Stories 4 right now. Don’t forget to leave a review and to tell others about it. It’s available as an eBook and in paperback.

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased it, and thank you to everyone who plans to do so!

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