Ace of Spades on New Young Adult Novella ‘Her True Self’: ‘Quite Touching’

Paul Hair

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Oregon Muse of Ace of Spades featured my latest book, Her True Self, in his Sunday Morning Book Thread. The young adult novella centers on teenager Eric Kepner doing whatever it takes to help his younger sister Natalie as she struggles with depression that stems from one of the biggest issues of our time. And what did OM have to say about it? He described Eric’s love for Natalie as “quite touching.”

Just being mentioned in the Sunday Morning Book Thread is always an honor. But this week, OM spent a significant amount of space on Her True Self and even mentioned he was reading it. (RELATED: Young Adult Novella ‘Her True Self’ Blazes New Ground)

Transgenderism is all the rage these days, the latest phase of the sexual revolution that’s being jammed down our throats with astonishing ferocity. Conservative author Paul Hair has just published his new YA novella, Her True Self, and the plot has a transgender theme:

Eric Kepner’s younger sister told him she was a boy when she was 13 years old. He didn’t accept it and nothing has been the same between them since then. Two years later and things have come to a head, with a near-tragedy leading him to uncovering a secret that shocks him to his core. He launches into action but nothing is easy. Everyone seems to be working against his efforts, including a government worker and his own family. As Eric pushes on against these odds he inches towards doing something drastic, and he prays that he’s able to help his sister before it’s too late. . . .

This a not the usual “stunning and brave protagonist comes out” story that you might expect. It is quite different. I’m reading it right now and the gender-confused teenaged girl has a brother who would do anything to help her. His love for her quite touching.

So some big praise from OM. Click over to Ace of Spades to read it all. And head to Amazon to buy Her True Self in paperback or as an eBook. And don’t forget to leave a review!

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