AC/DC Front Man Brian Johnson Has a TV Show & It Looks Great! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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We live in the Golden Age of Television. There's so much good shit out there that it's truly stupid. I hate to even think of all the stuff I have to catch up on. It's crazy. But this one really gets me excited: Brian Johnson's "A Life on The Road."

You can catch it on AXS TV. Check your listings as I have zero clue. I'm gonna have to go full Sherlock Holmes to find it on my system. This show premiered in Sept. of 2019! Holy fuck! LOL.

Here's what I dig about the show. Brian is the lead singer of one the biggest bands of all time. That's just a fact. He's been there and done that. Hard to lie to that dude if you're a fellow rocker. There's a candor that I dig. A cutting through the bullshit. You cannot bullshit a bullshitter.

This is a conversation between equals. MUCH more interesting. WAY more honest. I'm gonna DVR the hell outta this one. Woo hoo!

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