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Via me at Virtual Pulp:

What if political conflict in the United States became so great that Americans decided they no longer wanted to live together? That’s the premise of this speculative fiction tale, with the protagonist journaling what happens.

It’s a flash fiction work that is approximately 1,075 words long.


April 1, 20—

So Americans have now concluded that we can no longer live together. Lots of arguments for splitting up. A handful of people suggested going to war and wiping out the communists so America could stay united. But all the sensible people quickly denounced that as inherently evil. Everyone temporarily breathed a sigh of relief after that. We might not be able to overcome our differences, but at least we can all agree that a peaceful divorce is the only option.

A North-South split would make the most sense. It would leave both nations with two coastlines, and probably minimize the amount of moving people would have to do to get to whatever country they want to live in.

Let’s see if that happens. Never thought I’d see this day. There isn’t anything I, or most people, can do other than wait. Very nervous.

May 3, 20—

After a few skirmishes that people thought might turn into a full-blown war, the two sides have reached an agreement: the communists get the western half of the U.S., and the non-communists get the eastern half. This decision came down to a coin toss. Communists still aren’t happy about losing New York. But they’re happy to be rid of the South.

The new communist country is called the People’s Republic of Utopia. And they have a new motto: “No Walls! Everyone Welcome!”

The non-communists can’t agree on a new name for their country. (I guess I should call it our country now. I lived in the eastern half of the old U.S. before the breakup, so I didn’t have to move.) Something about how we’re all individuals and that it goes against fundamental principles of freedom to decide on a new name without all, or most, of our consent. . . .

Read the entire story at Virtual Pulp.

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