A Day Without A Brain

A Day Without a Woman is set to take place on March 8th.

It is one of ten actions (the first being the actual march on DC) being sponsored by the Women's March on Washington, a ultra-progressive movement with support from some of the hardest left-leaning groups in America, including Planned Parenthood and MoveOn.Org, and organized by a convicted terrorist (Rasmea Yousef Odeh). According to their website, the goal of the day is "to highlight the economic power and significance that women have in the US and global economies, while calling attention to the economic injustices women and gender nonconforming people continue to face. We play an indispensable role in the daily functions of life in all of society, through paid & unpaid, seen & unseen labor."

Setting aside the idiocy of cries for "equality" in our country (we're all born "equal"; what you do with that equality is a personal choice), A Day Without a Woman has a built-in bias against women that few in the media will highlight, as outlets like CNN and The New York Times push the narrative of this being the new Civil Rights movement. It's not. It's lunacy. It's A Day Without A Brain.

School districts in at least two cities (Alexandria, Va and Chapel Hill, NC) are shutting down their schools in response to an overwhelming request for leave to be taken tomorrow. Alexandria Public Schools acknowledged in a written statement that this request is likely a part of the Day Without a Woman protest. Rather than deny leave in accordance with meeting minimum staffing requirements, as would be protocol throughout most public service industries, APS took the EXTRAORDINARY step to designate Wednesday a teacher workday. Staff who requested a personal day off are now provided a paid day, at taxpayer expense, in which to participate in a highly charged political protest.

I'm sure Alexandria Public Schools receive federal tax dollars. Wouldn't their teachers be subject to the Hatch Act? But I digress...

Families, specifically single mothers, who rely on schools to not only educate their kids, but to care for them and nourish them with their hard earned tax dollars, are going to be forced to stay home from work in order to do what they've already paid their school district to do. They won't get paid for this day off by their employer or the taxpayers in their city. They'll be forced to take a day from their personal leave, or worse yet, lose a day of pay, maybe even their own job, because they couldn't come in to work. They'll be forced to spend money to feed them, when they've already paid the school system to feed them for that day. Unless they homeschool their children tomorrow, all those kids will lose a day of education for which they already paid.

A Day Without a Woman is hurting the very women that this faux-movement pretends to want to help.

The only way to end this nonsense is to vote. Vote with your voice, vote with your pocketbook, vote with your ballot. The Alexandria Public Schools Superintendent, Alvin Crawley, can be reached at (703) 619-8001. Give him a call and speak your mind. The entire 9-member school board is up for re-election next year. I hope everyone turns this Day Without a Woman into A Day Without a Chance at Re-Election.


Kim Dixon
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