5 Exhausted Movie Tropes that Need to Die

Can Hollywood screenwriters please give these recycled, and oh, so woke, ideas a rest?

There’s a reason we see so many recurring plot points, scenes and formulas in movies.

They work and often are legitimate. Not all of them fit that description, though. Some shouldn’t be used as frequently.

Here are five movie tropes that need to die (or at least be used a lot less).

No. 1: Figures of the Past Embrace Modern Values:

The values of 18th century Americans were a lot different than the values of 21st century Americans are. So were the values of the ancient Britons, the Greeks and the Romans and so forth.

Therefore, if you set a movie in the 1700s, a female character shouldn’t say, “Anything a man can do, a woman can do better.” If hordes of barbarians are invading during the Middle Ages, a character shouldn’t ask, “Can’t we just talk with them instead of resorting to violence?”

If movie makers can’t stomach the idea of adhering to the ideas and values of a period piece (here’s looking at you, 2018 version of “Robin Hood”), then they should avoid making such movies at all. . . .

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