2020 is the Year of ‘Reign of Fire’

Reign of Fire (2002) - "Dragon hunting" scene
Reign of Fire (2002) - "Dragon hunting" scene

Very underrated fantasy movie, and it has Christian Bale, Gerard Butler and Matthew McConaughey in it as the main stars! My favorite scene in the movie. Clip...

Paul Hair

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Reign of Fire debuted in theaters in 2002, with the dragon movie starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. Most of the film takes place in the year 2020 (really, it does, even as the trailer initially had the movie taking place in 2084) so now is a good time to look back at it.

Reign of Fire wasn’t a smash hit but if you’re into dragon movies, then it’s probably one you’ll enjoy. Watch the above clip. (RELATED: Cloud Surfing & Wingsuit Rodeo [VIDEO])

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


I actually dig that flick.