With over thirty years of legal experience, RJ Fichera has been a trusted legal advisor, advocate and consultant for Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Non-profit Organizations, Individuals and Families within the Philadelphia region and the surrounding suburbs, and had the good fortune to provide Business Consulting Services to Organizations throughout the United States and Overseas. I have been active in Progressive/Liberal politics since the 1960's. As an attorney, I served the Democratic party in my State as a Poll Watcher. I have worked on the Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton campaigns as a volunteer. I am one of the moderators on the Web page, "Republicans Are Destroying What's Great About America." As an attorney, I have also been engaged in International Legal/Business Negotiations for clients in over twenty (20) countries, including China, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, The Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Great Britain, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile.



420 Lori Lane King of Prussia, PA 19406

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