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Lab-grown meat now gives us this crispy breakfast option.

Higher Stakes, a U.K.-based alternative meat startup, created both bacon and pork belly from a mixture of lab-grown cells and various plant products, proteins, fats, and starches.

  • The company produces just a small sample of bacon to prove that it was possible, but cannot yet create it at scale or sell it to consumers.
  • The rising demand and declining global supply of pork motivates the company to keep striving towards a sustainability supply of lab-grown bacon.
  • An African Swine Fever outbreak killed up to 40 percent of the pigs in China in 2019, calling for a viable, sustainable solution to fill demand.

“The production of the first ever cultivated bacon and pork belly is proof that new techniques can help meet overwhelming demand for pork products globally,” CEO Benjamina Bollag told TechCrunch.

  • Higher Steaks reached the industry milestone of creating a pork belly products made from 50 percent cultivated cells and a bacon product made from 70 percent lab-grown cell material.
  • Around 30 cell-based meat startups have launched globally since 2014 as the demand for pork continues to rise
  • The product still requires thousands of pounds per kilogram, but the company does anticipate a larger tasting event later this year.

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