Watch this birb who thinks he’s a water bottle


Parrots don’t only repeat humans’ words, but also items’ actions.

Reddit user u/skyLackcluster posted:

“Cute birb” with a video of a parrot shaking its head in imitation of the swaying handle of a water bottle. The video is captioned “Hes been wiggling at my bottle lately and I wasn’t sure why until now lol”

The bird in the video is a parrotlet, comprising genera Forpus, Nannopsittaca, and Touit

  • They are the smallest New World parrot species, wish stocky builds and short tails. The species mostly travel in flocks, and form lifelong, tight pair bonds with chosen mates. 
  • These parrots are bold, assertive, and can learn to speak, according to Lafeber Company
  • In terms of sociality, they squabble and fight over items and territory. 
  • According to user u/Vinnyb1322, this breed acts like toddlers. They can bite humans, and demand a lot of attention, or companion birds and toys to keep them occupied.


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