Watch this baby react to seeing clearly for the first time


This video shows a visually impaired baby gaining his vision for the first time.

Reddit user u/grettaaa posted the cutest video of this “little guy” experiencing vision for the first time:

Commenter u/who_is_Dandelo inquired how eye doctors determine the prescription for a baby’s eyes.

  • When prescribing glasses for children who cannot talk or read an eye chart, eye doctors use a number of alternate tools, such as Teller Cards, which are grey cards with black and white lines on them. These cards provide a subjective measurement of acuity based on preferential look, depending on some response from the child to determine their visual comprehension of the black and white squares. The doctor shows the child with thinner and thinner lines until the child stops looking at the square, which is the point when the lines blur together too much to see separation, indicating visual acuity.
  • Dilating the child’s eyes and using the retinoscope to look at the shape of the eye also helps, providing an objective refraction. The retinoscopy looks at the shape of the eye to see how well they can focus without requiring a response from the child.

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