Want To Have Your Deceased Pet Back? Now You Can.

DNA(Image credit: Dna-163466 (crop) / CC-0)

A South Korean company will clone your deceased dog for you for $100,000.

If you have ever longed for a deceased family pet, Sooam Biotech Research Foundation promises they can return an exact copy of it to you for $100k.

“These people have very a strong bond with their pets… and cloning provides a psychological alternative to the traditional method of just letting the pet go and keeping their memory,” said Sooam researcher and spokesman Wang Jae-Woong...They’ve cloned almost 800 dogs since 2006, with their client base including princes, celebrities, and billionaires, as well as owners and agencies who want to replicate highly skilled sniffer and rescue dogs.

In partnership with the Chinese firm Boyalife, Sooam is building the world's largest cloning facility in Tianjin, China.

Sooam is also involved in a joint venture with Chinese biotechnology firm Boyalife to set up what will be the world's largest animal cloning factory in the northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin. But head researcher Jeong Yeon-Woo said the dog cloning remained his favourite service because of the reaction of owners when they see the puppies.